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the ignoramus mob

I just watched Fox News for like 2 minutes. Some correspondent was jabbering about Iran. Behind him, footage rolled on a telescreen of radiation-suited presumed-to-be Iranian nuclear workers doing their Business: rolling barrels about mostly. The segment ended. The scene cut back to the 6PM anchor, who said: “Thanks for the report. And keep an eye on those guys behind you — they look like they’re up to no good!”

A classic, balanced & fair Fox News Moment. Not quite awesome dudes but it was a hoot.

If you want to understand why the end of the world is about to happen you really must watch Fox News. Make note of who advertises. Never buy their product again. And remember: For roughly 25% to a third of Americans what you see there is Truth. A mere market share. By no means a majority. But a brutally sizable & well-connected ignoramus mob.

In many ways Fox is the most accurate news on TV because they modify the ignoramus mob’s thinking.