More Bad News For America

George W. Bush now has an economic stimulus plan.

For years I have wondered what exactly Bush & Dick Cheney’s problem is. I finally figured it out. They want to scrape America off the face of the Earth like dog shit from their shoe. Because George Bush & Dick Cheney are America’s enemy.

I’m not sure whose, if anyone’s, side they actually are on. I only know that they want to drive our nation into the ground.

For proof I offer their freshly unveiled economic stimulus plan — which the Democrat-led congress eagerly approved just this afternoon. The plan is to put $600 dollars, doled out as a tax rebate, into the pockets of 106 million Americans. Who will theoretically treat this unexpected boon as discretionary income — to be spent wildly on Stuff. And thus effectively jump start our consumer-driven economy. Checks will be cut by the summer.

For transparency’s sake I submit that I, a perpetually unemployed non taxpayer, do not stand to gain a dime from this ill conceived scheme. So maybe I’m biased against it. And in the further interest of full disclosure I admit that, were I a tax rebate recipient, I would accept the check & spend it gleefully — America be damned.

Still, Bush’s stimulus plan is unequivocally bad for the economy.

Look: the notion of a Tax Rebate inherently suggests that there is a pile of loose money laying around for us to rebate people’s taxes from. There obviously isn’t. We are going to borrow the money from China. Like we always do.

Let’s take it for granted that Bush & Cheney do not intend to repay their debt to China. Beijing may as well use all those US treasury certificates they’ve bought to wipe dog shit from their shoes. Now if the $260 billion in treasury notes we’ve sold to China are worthless scraps of crap wipe, one asks:

What is a US hundred dollar bill worth?

Less each day — as evidenced by the Dollar’s precarious tumble in the global market.

That tumble is at the heart of our economic woes. The value of the dollar goes down. Prices go up. Because America pays for barrels of Saudi oil with that devalued currency.

Dollar goes down. Prices go up.

So why not just print off a bunch of extra hundred dollar bills and give them out to American families to help them cover the costs of Inflation?

That would be like giving me a few hundred extra speed pills to compensate for the out-of-control tolerance my body has built up due to over-use of prescription amphetamines. A grand plan! Congress should enact it immediately.

But will it work?

Well…it’ll keep my personal train wreck rolling speedily for a few extra days — and that’s good enough for me. But is it good for the Country?

Not if the goal is to rein in my tolerance and make it so the prescribed dosage works like it did when I first popped one of those pills back in 1999. Still — though again I may be biased — I think the “give Mike E more speed” plan will work better than Bush’s “economic stimulus” plan. Which amounts to nothing more than printing up more currency to cover the costs of inflation. The net effect will be to further deflate the dollar’s value. And drive up the cost of living.

Elementary economics.


3 Responses to “More Bad News For America”

  1. 1 Sporz January 26, 2008 at 2:50 am

    Let’s see.. 106,000,000 people times 600 dollars equals: 63,600,000,000 dollars.. 63.6 Billion dollars in a one time shoot is like pissing on a forest fire.. Sounds good.. and like the forest fire, if people are watching, they will think you are a good samaritan for trying, but obviously it will not help put out the fire.. In fact, you were probably drunk and needed a place to pee, so why not save face and go for the gusto… I’d say it is exactly like that scenario.. Except that you can’t buy cool shit with piss…well… maby a select few could, residually, but I don’t want to know about it. Durty Durteee!!

  2. 2 jayherron January 30, 2008 at 7:52 am

    You must be beaming with pride of the commitment that (is it not your town?) Brattleboro ( I’m sure I misspelled that) your town has stood up to the plate ahead of the rest of the wimps of ‘america’ and are taking the lead in trying to arrest and convict the two of the most spookiest guys in the world….GO VERMONT-you guys got more sense than anybody heading for Wal-Murt this morning…
    this country chunks a former Olylimpic (can’t spell that either) champ in prison for telling a lie….what can we do to these two?

  3. 3 jayherron January 30, 2008 at 7:54 am

    …of course-I was speaking about the dick-tater Cheney and his side kick Bush…

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