We Should Get A Blue Ribbon

I swear where I live may — in the electoral map sense — be the solidly tried & true bluest county in America. There are more George W. Bush supporters in the caves of Tora Bora & the streets of Falujah than here in Windham County, VT.

Remember 911? Not the attacks specifically but the atmosphere. Afterwards. Like all of the sudden we were supposed to stop bitching viciously about the Government. At least in public. Was it like that where you live? Did you think it was weird about how a suicide bomber troubled to check his bag into the luggage bay of the plane he meant to blow up? I sure did.

But how much time passed after 911 before you dared to strike up a conversation about the Koran they found in that oddly checked bag which the airline conveniently forgot to put on the plane? I mean mouth off about it to drunken strangers.

My guess is some months, or a year, passed before conspiracy theories thread even tentatively into beer chats with strangers at your local bar.

Not mine.

I watched the World Trade Center attacks on the TV at the Bar here in Vermont. Happened to be there enjoying some beer that morning. I was as shocked as anyone when the plane slammed dramatically into the second building. Goodness gracious great ball of fire!

I couldn’t help but think to myself: Are they that evil??

Not the Arabs. Of course nobody knew it was them yet. Because they had yet to discover that copy of the Koran in the hijacker’s lost luggage. So we had no idea at that point that the terrorists were Arab.

My first thought — which I shared out loud with everyone at the Bar that morning — was:

Dick Cheney!

A few oddballs in the bar clearly — yet quietly, since they were uncomfortably in the minority — disagreed with the notion. After all America was under attack. And here I was suggesting we attacked ourselves? What kind of nation would do such a thing?

“Can’t you just picture him?” I conjectured. “I bet Dick Cheney flew those planes himself — with some kind of high tech remote control device.”

“Yeah — like an Atari joy-stick!” Someone suggested. Everyone laughed. Because Truth is the funniest joke of them all.

Then the first building fell down. That wasn’t funny. Still…I believe we were the first people in America to suspect a 911/Inside Job conspiracy.

2 Responses to “We Should Get A Blue Ribbon”

  1. 1 rhea December 15, 2007 at 12:01 am

    I came awfully close to not learning of 9/11 for a while due to being lost in the Alaskan wilderness…but that’s another story.

    No conspiracy theories here. (Here = Jefferson County, CO.) My state is smack in the middle of the scarlet sea that stretches across most of middle America. Around here, lynching mobs were practically roaming the streets, ready to take anyone down that spoke ill of George or his thugs. Truly. It was suggestive of 1984. People sang George’s praises from every street corner and cried when they saw him on TV…a beacon of light during our darkest hour. HE was the one that got us through it. It was at least a year before George or Dick could be criticized around here for 9/11 or anything else going on in the nation. I think your county deserves the blue ribbon for sure.

  2. 2 cookiemouse January 3, 2008 at 2:54 am

    Many people I know, including a lot of Americans I have met, share your view. It is a strange tale for sure. Anyway a happy new year to you from Leighton, who is now the Cookiemouse.

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