HATES everything!

A common mis-perception I’ve spent damn near my whole life trying to clear up:

They do not say “Give it to Mikey. He’ll eat ANYTHING!!”


That would make no sense.

But that is what everyone has always thought they said.

Yeah, give it to Mike E. HE’LL EAT ANYTHING.

In case any of you Foreigners out there don’t know: this was a very famous commercial back while I grew up in the 80’s; one that made me the butt-end of some rather disgusting jokes.

So once and for all folks — please watch it again. And PAY ATTENTION this time!!

It goes:

“Nah — he won’t eat it. HE HATES EVERYTHING.”

Then it’s a big surprise when he actually does like Life Cereal.

Get it?


1 Response to “HATES everything!”

  1. 1 AuntJackie August 17, 2007 at 12:32 pm

    Hey I remember THAT kid!!!

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