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Equine Assisted Mood Therapy

I didn’t bet Curlin to win yesterday’s Preakness Stakes. Because I was broke. I mentioned to a few friends at the Bar, while they labored over their own selections, that I thought Curlin would win. No one bet him, for understandable reasons. His odds were short. So there was no money in it, so to speak.

Curlin payed 3 to 1 — or $40 for every $10 bet. That’s actually plenty good for me. But like I said I was broke. So I couldn’t bet.

But I pegged him for the winner and he won — and so did I. Even though I didn’t win a dime. Because Curlin’s brilliant performance — and my success in predicting him — reminded me why I love a good horse race.

It’s good for my self esteem just to be right; that alone put me in a better mood.

If you haven’t noticed I like a good excuse to feel self-congratulatory.

But it was more than that. The race made my day because it was a cheap thrill ride to watch. Dig: