Quick Question:

Who here hates White People?

Perhaps hate is too strong a word. Who then is wholesale prejudiced against Europeans and persons of their descent?

I’m talking about white Americans mainly, of course, but — to be fair, or prejudiced in an unbiased fashion — let’s go on & lump their ethnic forbearers (the French & English mainly) in with them.

There’s reason to hate us. We are the worst people in the world. Fools.

The root cause of all of Planet Earth’s problems.

Plus I don’t like our attitudes. The way we plunder around and act like we own the place. Like we’re somehow better than everyone.

I’m not saying that you should hate white people. I mean we’re not completely without merit. Let’s be fair: White People do buy a lot of things!

But…let’s just say you were excusably prejudiced against my race. It happens; lot’s of people are prejudiced against someone. Shit I for one am equal opportunity prejudiced — against everybody.

Myself none the least.

So if you hate white people — go for it dudes.

Right on.

But what shall we call these deviants?

Every other ethnicity has one — often hugely controversial — word that bigots use to rudely describe them. You know what they are. But there is no across-the-board one word smack-down for white people. And I think that’s wrong.

Honky? Cracker? Seriously. What about those words lend the user a sense of incontestable superiority? What does it say about the inherent worthlessness of my race?


I say white people are just a little worse than all that — don’t you think? Of course you do. Everyone does.

I feel sold short.

I think my race deserves a genuine, universally recognized insult.

How About:


That is Custie as in short for customer. But it’s derisively more than that. It says something about the god-given Worth of all white people.

We’re tools.

Kind of fits don’t it?

Yeah. But don’t all you Chinese folk out there go and start calling us that!

We’re sensitive.

So only white people get to call each other Custiez.

2 Responses to “Quick Question:”

  1. 1 Xela April 17, 2007 at 6:35 pm

    I had to come out of hiding to ask, “How are there no comments to this?” It is fucking hilarious. No comments because it’s so topical and right on funny or because the readers just don’t get it? I’ve been surprised by bumper cars on the speedway before so I won’t even hazard a guess.

  2. 2 Darryl R Taylor October 3, 2017 at 5:39 am

    Although limited primarily to the males, and not having a monopoly on the sort of behaviour associated with the term, I have seen some good arguments for the term ‘douche’ being specifically most suited to whites.

    It literally doesn’t feel quite correct used to describe white women or either gender of any non-European ancestry (Euroscendant), although ‘douchey’ is pretty applicable across the board.

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