It is a Topsy Turvey World.

Walking down the street today in downtown Brattleboro. Slightly modified: ie half jacked at 2 in the afternoon. Me & MG TANK.

A state trooper pulled on to Eliot St. out of Harmony, the main parking lot in the middle of town, a half block in front of us. Eliot Street runs into Main Street another block down. Eliot St. is the Street in town where the bars are.

We walked past one of these, a good tequila joint called the Metropolis, just as some dude was unloading a box of whatever out of a truck. He hoisted the box to eye level and conveniently hid MG TANK’s & my faces from the State Trooper just as he pulled & turned right — toward us — out of Harmony. Thus rendering the trooper unable to scope us out and make us feel guilty for no reason other than because we were passing on foot while he drove by.

“EXCELLENT!!” We both said at once.

Then clapped triumphantly and did a goofy high-5 speed jig there on the sidewalk. Just as another State Trooper pulled, now just a few feet in front of us, out of Harmony Parking Lot & turned toward us onto Eliot St.

We said:


Fortunately we had a borrowed car & handicap pass handy.


1 Response to “It is a Topsy Turvey World.”

  1. 1 mg fulltank March 7, 2007 at 8:29 pm

    I hate that extreme fear feeling that washes over me whenever a cop looks at me. Reason being, I figure that I’m pretty much a moving violation all the time. Even on foot. Thank God though we had the borrowed car with the handicapped pass (borrowed as well). It made everything seem more normal

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