the Raw Want to Win

My buddy Alan over at Left At The Gate is part owner of this — by appearance — absolutely smashing racehorse. Her name is Just Zip It. Just Zip It is a 2-year-old filly. A filly is a young female equine. Just Zip It races for the first time in the 4th at Aqueduct today.


Just Zip It’s career debut will be against fellow 2-year-old filly Maidens. This is interesting: Maiden races are restricted to horses who’ve never won. Or, as with Just Zip It, never run.

The business of betting on a Maiden race boils down purely to one, albeit vexing, question: which horse wants it the most?

Maiden races require a peculiar blend of raw hunch tempered by mathematical deduction. Whereas, with older horses, it’s often the other way around — mathematics tempered by instinct.

I love to bet the Maidens. Here’s why: when I bet on a horse — the Long Shot — who’s not ‘supposed’ to win it feels like I’ve bet smartly on me.


And Maidens win at long odds more frequently than contenders in any other type of race.

The best is when, on a hunch, you select & bet on a first-timer — like Just Zip It — and win. A horse who plumb wants it enough to prevail in her very first race…she makes me hearts leap! It’s inspiring.

And a powerful lesson for People: Why bet on a horse who has never proved their worth in a race? Why? Raw want — that’s the key. When I bet for what I want most I feel good even when I lose. And that, dear readers, is the Ticket to a good day of Gambling.

I ask: does Just Zip It look like she wants to win?

I’ve thought so for months. Alas I can’t bet on her. She races in just over an hour — 2PM — and I have no dough.

So goes.

But — that being the case — I deeply suspect she’ll win.

I’m rooting cosmically for her. For good reasons: 1. I have a good feeling about her and good feelings are right. Dig? I want to feel good and right today! Shit I’ll be broke either way…

2 . I got mad Props for my buddy Alan. He keeps the best racehorse blog in Town. I read his stuff — for love of the races — every day for a year. The first thing that struck me about the dudes blog — & Blogs in general — was that he owed his success to the Oldest Trick in the Literary Book:

He writes about what he loves. And every once in awhile insults some jerk like Dick Cheney. Follow that formula impeccably and even crappy joints like Open Container speedWay can go Huge.

And if all else fails you can always toss in some stuff about chicks & drugs & booze.

The horses have reached the Starting Gate…all in line & they’re OFF!

Click shortly after 2Pm if you want to watch the free replay. [4th race Nov. 24]

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Password: 673720


5 Responses to “the Raw Want to Win”

  1. 2 Mike E November 24, 2006 at 10:22 pm

    Missy cranks down the last half furlong.

    Did everyone SEE that? It was aWesome dudez!

    Fun Good.

    Girl be the one to beat in most any race. Oh she’ll lose some — but for sure not because the one who won saw her coming.

    Too smart & fast. Wins for fun.

    My new racehorse hero!

    May her odds stay long & her payoffs cosmic & sweet.

  2. 3 Alan November 25, 2006 at 12:15 am

    Mike E – Thanks for the kind words. She produced quite a little rally there, eh? The trainer insisted all along that she needs more distance. She could be 7-5 instead of 7-1 next time.

  3. 4 Alan November 25, 2006 at 12:16 am

    Oh yeah, more photos on the way, will be posting them soon.

  4. 5 Mike E November 25, 2006 at 3:13 am

    7-5, yeah — with state bred claimers. Dig? She’s special. I think it really. Jump her to open MSW company.

    She’ll whoop ’em up good there too. And we can raise a little Hell at the windows…

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