Low Blows Cheap Thrills & Assorted Spoils of Victory

Any Republicans on the speedWay tonight?

If so:

It sucks to be YOU!!


I drove past an American flag flown at half-mast today. Strange. I watched CNN — even in my sleep — all week, but heard no news of a new National Tragedy.

Quite the contrary.

Made me wonder: Is the flag-waver a loyalist grief-struck for the GOP?


I visited my psychiatrist today. We chatted about the election for a few…

‘You know Mike E,’ He said, ‘I have been Depressed for the better part of 6 years! Incurably — and I am a Pro. But now…Am I cured? No. But now I feel Uplifted.’

‘Shit yeah,’ I agreed, ‘It was AWESOME dude!!”

With that my doctor turned me loose with my free monthly jar of mixed-salt amphetamines. Even upped my dose a wee bit!

It’s been great freekin week.


Two Words — to describe the feeling while I watched the election on TV:

Cheap Thrills!


Vermont reelected our Flatlander Pinhead Republican Governor, Jim Douglas, to a third term.

Know what? Right On! We need a governor like Douglas right now. To punch like a bag when we’re ornery.

Legislative Democrats & Progressives gained Big in Vermont on Tuesday and now enjoy a Veto-Proof state-house majority.

Which means our governor is now an utterly inconsequential Flatlander Pinhead Wannabee.

Jim Douglas said he wants Vermont to be the ‘Silicon Valley for Alternative Energy.’ Yet on his watch a potentially vibrant Windmill Industry was literally chased from the state by a handfull of hill-top homeowners who complained that turbines would ruin their ridgeline views.

I have a message for the people with Rigdeline Views: Your view is of the Green Mountains.

And the Green Mountains do not belong to you.

I propose: Legislative Action to formally welcome the Windmill Industry back to Vermont. The bill should authorize the state to seize acerage by eminent domain — as per US Supreme Court’s Kelo v. City of New London decision — from anyone who don’t like how it looks. Then sell the homes cheap to good Vermont-folk who do.

We should make laws like that from time to time. To insure for the children an Earth that’s habitable & free from tyranny.

And to remind ourselves, when vexed by the question — who has the Power? — of that one Tuesday in ‘06 when America proved unequivocally that the Power is We.


On a local note:

My buddy Ian ran for State Representative for Brattleboro’s district 2.


Pillsbury faces Bigelow for Windham-3-2 seat

Tuesday, October 31
BRATTLEBORO — The incumbent in Windham-3-2, Daryl Pillsbury [Independent], is being challenged by Ian Bigelow, 23, running on the Wingnut ticket, and a self-professed “dishwashing politician.”

A class act all the way & we’re all proud for him. He pulled 15% of the vote — 205 out of 1300 cast — from the popular 3-term incumbent…..

…..Without lifting so much as a finger, campaign-wise, save for hanging around a few hours with a homemade placard sign on election day.

Who has the Power?


George W. Bush & his murderous cronies maybe. One wonders: Why in hell did he not can Rumsfeld a month ago? A week? My guess is had he fired Rumsfeld one hour before polls closed in Montana the 2000-vote Senate race gap would’ve closed in Republican favor.

Are they that dumb for real?

Or is it a Set Up — a Scapegoat Job — a way, when the Big Shitpuddle drops, to dodge the blame?

One must wonder if They want to lose.


Maybe that’s the Difference between ’em & good peeps like you & me.

We can’t win every time.

But we want to!

4 Responses to “Low Blows Cheap Thrills & Assorted Spoils of Victory”

  1. 1 pippi November 10, 2006 at 8:38 am

    congrats to ian!
    go wingnut party!!!

    speaking of wingnuts, have you seen this blog yet?

  2. 2 galloway November 11, 2006 at 1:39 pm

    I’d be careful about this “victory” shit. Bush, the PNAC and the CIA can do everything they want to before ’08.

    Stay away from tall buildings.

  3. 3 Mike E November 11, 2006 at 4:51 pm

    Everybody’s got a
    We can all die any day.

    But before I let that happen I
    Will Dance
    My whole life away!!

  4. 4 sandrar September 10, 2009 at 9:22 am

    Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

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