Vote For Your LIFE!!


Let’s familiarize ourselves with the features of the above graph. The vertical boundary represents the amount of energy required for a chemical reaction to complete. The horizontal line represents the amount of time required to drive the same reaction to completion.

The blue line represents an uncatalysed reaction — notice that the so-called ‘activation energy’ is greater than in the red, catylised reaction.

The catylised reaction is deliberately provided chemical energy to drive the reaction to completion more expediently than its uncatalysed counterpart.

In other words:

A piece of salmon splits into its molecular components more readily in the presence of enzymes — digestive catalysts — in the stomach than when left to rot in the sun.

If the salmon were the US electorate, and its molecular components the resultant makeup of the US congress — pending today’s election results — what will be the decisive catalyst?

In the ’00 & ’04 presidential elections, the answer to that question was Election Fraud. Will Republican dirty tricks once again win the day?

There is one sure way to overcome election fraud: Turnout.

Some ado has been made in recent days about the ‘Last Minute Republican Surge’ in the polls. Speculation is that Republican voters have awakened to the Reality that they may lose. So they’ve decided suddenly to run out & vote today.

There may be a little of that. But Republican Fear of a Democrat senate is catalytically trumped, this election day, by Enthusiasm on the part of the rest of us, who would love to see Republicans lose.

In a fair fight that Enthusiasm will soundly whoop the Fear. In an unfair fight, even, enough of the right kind of enthusiasm — translated into an overwhelming turnout of anti-Bush voters — may do the same.

So the question isn’t whether there will be fraud. There will.

The question is: is anti-Bush enthusiasm enough — in a political environment where the Opposing Party gives us little to be enthusiastic for?

Perhaps. Because anti-Bush voters are savvy enough to know that we’re not voting for what Democrats specifically offer; we’re voting for ourselves. For our very lives — and for those of the peaceful inhabitants of Earth.

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