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VT Criminal Statute § 4230.

Marijuana (a) Possession and cultivation.

(1) A person knowingly and unlawfully possessing marijuana [or cultivating 1 to 3 plants] shall be imprisoned not more than six months or fined not more than $500.00, or both. A person convicted of a second or subsequent offense under this subdivision shall be imprisoned not more than two years or fined not more than $2,000.00, or both.

(2) A person knowingly and unlawfully cultivating more than three plants of marijuana shall be imprisoned not more than three years or fined not more than $10,000.00, or both.


It is estimated that 52,000 Vermonters use marijuana each month. Suppose each of these spends $100 of their monthly income on pot imported from Canada. That’s $60 million per year– about 3% of our $21 billion Gross State Product — siphoned forever from our personal & local economies.

Now triple the figures to reflect the real cost of an honest marijuana predilection. $180 million yearly. 10% of Vermont’s gross annual revenue. $300 a month — garnished unforgivably from the hard earned pay of our Peoples!

Whether $60 or $180 mil per annual — it’s likely somewhere between — we’re loading dough out by the truck-full; a billion dollars in a decade. So we can smoke some Canuck Baloney!

Why exactly? Oh right. We do it for the Children.

But marijuana is more readily had by high schoolers than alcohol or tobacco.

Case in point: I bought a 20 sack from an 18-year old friend recently. He asked me to buy him beer. I told him to stop talking Crazy. I’m too old for that shit! He pleaded. I didn’t budge — even when he offered me the 20-bag for $15.

And don’t you reckon the children may rightfully prefer to have a billion extra dollars in the state when they come of age?


We need signatures from 400 registered voters — by mid-January — to score a spot for this question on Brattleboro’s Town Meeting ballot. Like, no problem dudes! It’s a total toke-O-rama around here. And no one gives a Hoot.

I got $50 sayin we get a Yes from 85% of Brattleboro voters on March 6, 2007.

Heads Up: Vermonters!

With signatures from 5% of the vote-roll this question can be put to a vote in your town too.


Petition of Legal Voters of Brattleboro to the Selectboard


The undersigned registered voters of the Town of Brattleboro hereby petition the Selectboard to add the following advisory article to the Town Meeting Warning:


Shall the Town of Brattleboro vote to advise our legislative contingent to amend VT criminal statute § 4230 by adjusting its’ penalty structure to the following?


Knowingly & unlawfully cultivating no more than 10 female marijuana plants — or possessing their harvested equivalent — shall constitute a civil infraction. Persons found in violation may be subject to the following maximum penalties:


First offense: A slap on the wrist.


Subsequent offeneses: A pat on the back!


Signature ++ Please print name


1. ________________________ ++ _________________________


2. ________________________ ++ _________________________


3. ________________________ ++ _________________________


4. ________________________ ++ _________________________


5. ________________________ ++ _________________________

Product Endorsement

Sick of smoking?

You’re not alone. 4 out of 5 smokers claim to actually enjoy at best 1 out of every 5 cigarettes they smoke.

Does this sound like You?

Want to Quit??

Do yourself a Favor:


Unless you really want to hate yourself for trying & Failing Again.

No way. Not me! I have enough problems…But cigarettes are not one of them. Because I now genuinely enjoy 4 out of every five of the Spirit Greenies:

Dig: the Switch from American Spirit Blues to the mentholated Greens was my smartest move as a smoker since I read The Outsiders — at age 12 — & then swiped a pack of my Mom’s Benson & Hedges.

Just remember: change doesn’t happen all at once. Get a free carton as a supplement to your regular brand. Try ’em out & keep ’em handy for the now & then moments when a good menthol will hit the spot your other smoke keeps missing.

For best results try ’em out On Drugs sometime. Trust me!

They’ll put the Joy right back in being a cigarette smoker.

No Room at the Chateau

There is a fairly well-done article about homelessness in Brattleboro in the weekend paper.

Click for musical accompaniment.

with style.

The weirdest thing happened last night.

I’d been up for a few — I think I slept a couple quick hours Wednesday morning & not a wink since. This all happened near midnight on Saturday…

…and I ate my last speed around Saturday noon.


I was broke & hungry & so tired I was sure sleep would do more harm than good. I was a little twitchy & too conspicuously talking to myself out loud to be in public; though the Bar was in many ways preferable to the nervous confines of someone else’s living room.

Plus I’d begun to get creeped by anxiety over whether I’d find someplace to stay the night. And how bad it would suck to wake up tomorrow, if I did, still broke & hungry but feeling that special kind of Worse, after nowhere near enough sleep, than one feels on no sleep at all.

The bartender bought me a glass of wine. It helped considerable with the Twitchy Thing. But made me tired for real. So the bartender bought me a coffee.

If the Bartenders weren’t on my side I am certain I’d never Succeed.

My buddy Mike D was at the Bar. I remember the first time I met the kid. He was like ‘What’s you’re name?’ ‘Mike E.’ I said & he goes ‘Oh you’re Mike E? I heard about you — Yo I’m Mike D!!’

Mike D spins disco. Like We Are Family & shit — but also the disco you don’t really know. Deep sugar cube funk. There were turntables at the Bar. Mike D had some records. Next thing I knew it was shazam:On.

Human beings need water, shelter & food to Survive. But when we come up short on one or even two of these…if we can dance we get the chance to not just survive but do it with a little bit of Style.

I don’t remember the last time I danced. Think I should do it again sometime, though — on account of something real weird that happened halfway through the first song:

I smiled.

& then She Peeled the Fuck Out.


Just Zip It [far left] gains ground in the homestretch.

the Raw Want to Win

My buddy Alan over at Left At The Gate is part owner of this — by appearance — absolutely smashing racehorse. Her name is Just Zip It. Just Zip It is a 2-year-old filly. A filly is a young female equine. Just Zip It races for the first time in the 4th at Aqueduct today.


Just Zip It’s career debut will be against fellow 2-year-old filly Maidens. This is interesting: Maiden races are restricted to horses who’ve never won. Or, as with Just Zip It, never run.

The business of betting on a Maiden race boils down purely to one, albeit vexing, question: which horse wants it the most?

Maiden races require a peculiar blend of raw hunch tempered by mathematical deduction. Whereas, with older horses, it’s often the other way around — mathematics tempered by instinct.

I love to bet the Maidens. Here’s why: when I bet on a horse — the Long Shot — who’s not ‘supposed’ to win it feels like I’ve bet smartly on me.


And Maidens win at long odds more frequently than contenders in any other type of race.

The best is when, on a hunch, you select & bet on a first-timer — like Just Zip It — and win. A horse who plumb wants it enough to prevail in her very first race…she makes me hearts leap! It’s inspiring.

And a powerful lesson for People: Why bet on a horse who has never proved their worth in a race? Why? Raw want — that’s the key. When I bet for what I want most I feel good even when I lose. And that, dear readers, is the Ticket to a good day of Gambling.

I ask: does Just Zip It look like she wants to win?

I’ve thought so for months. Alas I can’t bet on her. She races in just over an hour — 2PM — and I have no dough.

So goes.

But — that being the case — I deeply suspect she’ll win.

I’m rooting cosmically for her. For good reasons: 1. I have a good feeling about her and good feelings are right. Dig? I want to feel good and right today! Shit I’ll be broke either way…

2 . I got mad Props for my buddy Alan. He keeps the best racehorse blog in Town. I read his stuff — for love of the races — every day for a year. The first thing that struck me about the dudes blog — & Blogs in general — was that he owed his success to the Oldest Trick in the Literary Book:

He writes about what he loves. And every once in awhile insults some jerk like Dick Cheney. Follow that formula impeccably and even crappy joints like Open Container speedWay can go Huge.

And if all else fails you can always toss in some stuff about chicks & drugs & booze.

The horses have reached the Starting Gate…all in line & they’re OFF!

Click shortly after 2Pm if you want to watch the free replay. [4th race Nov. 24]

Sign in:

Password: 673720

Good Times ~ Bad Times.

My friend Andrea, some readers remember, made me puke my last 3 addaBoyz up in the toilet at a party a while back. Inadvertantly — she told a Puke Story that was so god-awfully funny that I puked myself. Who could hold it against her? Still, by well into the next day, I couldn’t stop thinking about those dang three pills. So I blogged a post about it. To remember them by; to assuage my grief.

Not just for the 3 speed pills. For all the drugs anywhere that have died horribly in piles of vomit before their Time.

*bows head in silence*

Andrea read it & thought it was a Hoot. Better yet, she promised to replace the pills — and made good on it today.

Wow. I hurled those pills out of my own damn mouth and blamed her for Fun & Convienence. And she replaced them??

I’m not Worthy!

Andrea is part-owner of the Weathervane Music Hall. If you’re ever in Brattleboro stop by for tunes & a drink…

~~ ~

I’ll pop those pills. Freaking gleefully! Truth be told I already did. I say this: If you don’t have four walls & a roof of your own a few good milligramz of addaBoyz & a blog are about the next best thing.

~ ~~

House Democrats voted today to ignore speaker-elect Nancy Pelosi’s plea to elect ardently anti-war Rep. John Murtha as Majority Leader of their party.

The Speaker traditionally remains neutral — to appear above the fray — in party leadership elections. Pelosi broke rank with tradition and jumped In for all the right reasons.

Props to Nancy — she got Chick Balls.

Democrats have an anti-war electorate to thank for the congressional majorities they enjoy. So Pelosi vowed to do everything possible to stop that war. Murtha, a career Marine who voted initially to use military force in Iraq, strategically catylized the Democratic party — at the start of ’06 campaign season — to stand unified for Redeployment.

‘I think they [Al Queda et al] are trying to get this administration to stay.’ Murtha conjectured boldly, ‘I think they want us there. Because we have united the Iraqis against us. We’re spending all this money and diverting our resources away from the war on terrorism because we’re involved in a civil war in Iraq.’

Democrats today had the chance to thank their voters and one of their own for making Election ’06 a wildly improbable raw-knuckle Stunner. Instead they rebuked both; a depressing answer to the question: Who has the Power?

By appearances the Power is not with Democrats who favor speedy troop withdrawls.

RIP: the Good Mood that lingered since we Thumped Republicans last week.


The weather in Vermont feels sinister these days. Piss warm when it ain’t supposed to be. We’re bearing down on Thanksgiving with mercury holdin steady, day & night, somewhere between 65 & 70 Fahrenheit degrees. In other words the temperature tonight would be vaguely cool — not quite even chilly — in mid-July.

With the right kind of ears you can just about hear the ominous gurgle of ice cap melt-off streams.

They say Change is Good. Humans have enjoyed a stable climate for all our existence. But what the hell good has it done? They’ve been coming after us with their Armaments ever since we learned to protect ourselves from the Elements…

…So I’ll take a flying for the fuck of it Leap & figure the Change is Good theorem applies to Climate Change too.

~ ~~

Dig: Hunter S. Thompsons’s circa 1972 description of California in the late 1960’s:

And that, I think, was the Handle — that sense of inevitable victory over the forces of Old & Evil. Not in any mean or military sense — we didn’t need that. There was no point in fighting — on our side or theirs. Our energy would simply prevail.

We had all the momentum; we were riding the crest of a High & Beautiful wave. So now, less than five years later, you can go up on a steep hill in Las Vegas and look West, and with the right kind of eyes you can almost see the High Water Mark — the place where the Wave finally broke and rolled back.

Nothing Lasts Forever. It’s incontestably the truth. The good times always die on their way up because they’re too good to ever come Down.

On the bright side: as go the Good Times so bad times must go, too. All waves roll both ways.

The best music is bittersweet.