Rainville for Congress?

I might vote for a Republican this fall.

This is not an endorsement. But Martha Rainville, Adjunct General of the Vermont National Guard & Republican contender for Bernie’s vacated US House seat, has caught my interest since the campaign began. Since I live in an alleged democracy, I figure it’s my job to explore the reasons Why.

To begin with, her opponent — VT state Senate President Pro Tem Peter Welch — is, by my good estimate, a hosehead & a Wanker.

Welch is a Democrat in a powerful spot here in Vermont. As Senate President, he is in a position to drive policy creation to benefit such causes as his party supposedly champions.

Welch bills himself, in his own words, as an ‘advocate of the underrepresented.’ A champion of the Underdog, as it were, always pulling for the Little Guy.


I’ve lived in Vermont for the duration of Welch’s Senate tenure. During that time, I have been variously working-class, homeless, mentally ill, food-insecure and badly in need of dental care. I also have a keen predilection for Vermont Politics — I like to stay abreast of What Goes On in Montpelier, well as I’m able.

This all begs a question: What has Peter Welch done For Me Lately?


So I’m prejudiced against the candidate I am ‘supposed’ to support. And a bit resentful for feeling obliged to support a candidate, like him or not.

There are 3 ‘major’ political parities in Vermont; Republicans, Democrats & Progressives. When Jim Jeffords announced his intention to quit the US Senate, last year, Bernie stepped in as the heir apparent to his seat. Democrats chose to not run a Senate candidate, in part out of a genuine respect for Bernie. But there was also a healthy dose of Fear — nobody beats Bernie Sanders in a Vermont election.

Shit, the RNC couldn’t even persuade Lieutenant Governor Brian Dubie to run against him. Too bad — I had a great bumper sticker idea:


Early on, as the various parties jockeyed for position in a political landscape revamped by Jefford’s retirement, Bernie — the only Independent in the US House — pressed strenuously for a two-way, Republican vs. Democrat, race to fill his seat. With a Progressive added to the mix, he argued, we’d risk electing the Republican by default.

What troubles me is that Vermont has 3 Major Parties because we want 3 Major Parties. That is how we wish to be represented. It is not for Bernie Sanders or anyone else to decide, for our own good, that it should be otherwise.

This is not mere ideologue ranting. The exclusion of a Progressive from the House race has a real & unjust consequence.

Vermont has voted resoundingly, via Town Meeting, Selectboard & State Legislature resolutions, to instruct Bernie Sanders to advocate for invocation of the Impeachment Articles. We want to see George W. Bush given the Fair Trial he is so richly due. And Bernie — I say unforgivably — has spurned the will of the People who’ve long considered him our Hero.

The Democrat Party line, regarding impeachment, is that — while it may be the Right Thing To Do — it makes a lousy campaign strategy. They want very much to win the House & Senate in November, so they’ve rejected the issue.

That is their perogative. I believe it will cost Democrats the mid-term elections. Time will tell.

We know for certain that Vermonters favor Impeachment — or, at very least, we want the issue debated on the National Stage. A Progressive running for VT’s lone US House seat would force that issue. That is why we want to be represented by 3 parties. We want candidates who force mainstream politicians to answer questions they Fear.

What can I say? We’re daredevils here…

And that, in a nutshell, is why I’ll seriously consider voting for Martha Rainville. Not because I’m particularly crazy about her — but because I particularly do not like what her opponent doesn’t stand for. Weak argument? Maybe. Like I said, this is not an endorsement. Just an exploration of possibilities.

I’m being a Good American by doing my Civic Duty.

One thing I know: If we elect Peter Welch, he will keep Vermont’s lone US House seat until he retires or dies. The cold fact is he ain’t that good. By contrast, Rainville’s performance — as a Republican — will be eyed with greater scrutiny. She will be Suspect. If she fails to perform adequately she’ll be more easily ousted, in 2 years…

…and hopefully by then Vermont’s 3 party system will produce a candidate we genuinely want to help Win.


6 Responses to “Rainville for Congress?”

  1. 1 pippi August 3, 2006 at 7:42 am

    while i find your argument highly flawed; it is no more flawed than the voting for the ‘lesser of two evils’. i think martha is a WAR MONGER, and woudn’t vote for her if she was running naked down my dirt road singing ‘happy birthday’ bringing gifts of dental repair and food baskets. .. it ain’t gonna happen. first off, someone would need to spin her out hard; and secondly, we all know the republican party line is ‘have bad teeth? go fuck yourself.’ (since living in vt. i’ve lost 4! i don’t blame vermont, per se; i mean it could be the well water; but, it is my lack of seeing a dentist in about 12 years. for some reason, dentists here in vermont don’t take trades. fuckers.)
    i digress, vermont has finally caught up the the rest of the states, in the political ball field. republicans (like that douche eater tarrant) are ultra conservitive, while liberals are so limp, you would need a whole months worth of viagra to get anything soild out of them.
    like howard…. aye, howard. when he was about to make his bid for prez, i got a call from someone or other polling me about him. i told them basically “woudn’t vote for him if he was running naked down my dirt road singing ‘happy birthday’ bringing gifts of dental repair and food baskets. .. it ain’t gonna happen.” i was working for the vt. grass roots party when denny lane ran against howard. howard IS a FOOL. he told denny, in a televised debate, that if he wanted a strong suit, flax was just as strong as hemp. AS A DOCTOR, the man was stergently anti-medical mary jane… (HELLO STOOPID!) ~ so, yea. a cold day in hell.
    but little howard went on to change the face of politics that year. he showed the parties that grass roots works (which ultimatley helped the shrubbies, since he brought out all the freaky right wing-nuts out from their caves. ~ but it also helps to rig the voting machines and refuse to let an indie 3rd party oversee the elections…~) and how could we forget the “dean scream” ahhh; i actually loved the dean scream. it was freaking awesome.

    anyway, i could go on and on all day. but it matters not.
    voting in this country is a crock of shit.
    and i have deadlines just wizzing by me at freaking light speed these days; AND there is a rainbow gathering practically in my back yard, this week (just down rt 100 a small ways.) so, i best get back to work, if i want to partake in any of the enlighting festivities this week.

    stay well!

  2. 2 Mike E August 3, 2006 at 9:33 pm

    Oh yeah? 5 bucks says you would vote for Martha if she ran down the street naked…

    …I would, because I’m a politics junkie, and despite the fact that I hate ’em all — I can’t help but admire a shrewd campaign tactic…

    …as long as I don’t have to Watch.

  3. 3 pippi August 3, 2006 at 10:50 pm

    you are on.
    the chances of her actually doing said naked road running are slim to none, so, you pretty much owe me $5. pay up. (that plus 1.25 will buy me a pack of smokes.)

  4. 4 Mike E August 3, 2006 at 11:01 pm

    That was if she ran down the street naked…which of course she won’t.

    Lucky, since I got nowhere near 5 whole dollars…

  5. 5 pippi August 4, 2006 at 10:00 pm

    aahhh, yes, the if factor.
    that crossed my mind after i posted a comment.

  6. 6 LTC 'Pete'Kutschera, USA-Ret. October 15, 2006 at 11:11 pm

    Vermonters would be doing the country a service by putting a moderate and possibly future “maverick” Republican like Martha Rainville in Congress. I’m a New Yorker, one of the last, lonely ‘liberal’ Republicans alive. And I can tell you the USA was rocking forward when the GOP had a vibrant progressive voice (Who remembers that it was once the party of Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt & Sen. Robert “Fighting Bob” LaFollette?)
    Gov. Nelson Rockefeller, Senator Jack Javits, President “Ike” Eisenhower, Earl Warren, Senator Ed Brooke of Massachusetts were all progressive Republicans and they left an important legacy. The civil rights era would have been delayed 10-20 years if Chief Justice Warren hadn’t provided the leadership to put through Brown vs. the Bd. of Education in 1954, and later the Miranda warning, which the likes of Scalia, Thomas &d Roberts can’t wait to get their knives into.
    When these progressive heroes were running on high the reactionary right wing of the GOP (now in control) were locked in a corner. Its a good thing because if they had control we never would have gotten things in this country like the 5- day work week, child labor laws , Social Security or Medicare. Thie younger generation has no historical concept of the innate human backwardness of the “corporate-conservative” wing of the GOP.
    I’ve looked at General Rainville’s website and the signs & ingredients are there for a career as a thoughtful, forward-leaning, enlightened Republican. Goodness knows the party needs more of them. The House used to have Connie Morella, Margie Rokema, Ben Gilman, Stanley Tupper & ‘Pete’ McCloskey, et. al. but they’re all gone. Progressive Republicans are either extinct or irrelevant now, but the country was better off because they provided balance & direction. Go Martha girl!!! Hooah!!!

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