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What the fuck is a Spun Cookie??

SPUN COOKIE: Noun. Origin: Spun: v. Very high on drugs, often LSD or amphetamines. In such a state, one may exclaim: ‘Holy SHIT – I’m spun out of my fucking brains!’ Cookie; n. A confectioners treat, often made from sugar, flour, butter & milk, then mixed with chocolate chips, candies, raisins and/or other adornments, and baked until crisp on the outside, moist, gooey & yummy on the in.

From the word’s origin one may suppose a ‘spun cookie’ is an actual cookie spiked with drugs. One encounters such cookies, usually prepared with marijuana butter. But these, counter-intuitively, are not Spun Cookies.

Spun Cookie is a term spoke endearingly (well…I always take it is a compliment) of one who has ingested enough mind-bending substances, of the mainly psychedelic variety, to render a sense of permanence to their condition of ‘Spun.’

For example, if someone matter-of-factly explained to a group of friends – say, an hour or so after a Grateful Dead concert – that they’re not from Earth at all, but in fact hail from the Planet Tralfamadore, they would inevitably be greeted with such a response as:

‘Boy you are One Spun Cookie!!’

In case you were wondering…though I doubt any of my regular readers were. Why?

They’re all a bunch of Spun Cookies around here!