a Worthy Challenge

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On second thought, my plan for Middle East peace may not work out so hot; if Hamas threw a kegger, in a cemetery filled with people they killed, it’d rightly be seen as insult added to injury.

Silly me.

See, now that’s why you hadn’t ought to blow people up. Ruins a perfectly good dance party!

There’s a lesson in that, for us here at Home. We can easily look to those we deem the perpetrators of Planet Earth’s calamity, and say ‘I wish those douche eaters would cut it the fuck out! And let the rest of us get on with our lives in Peace.’

We may be right to say that – I say it all the time. But…suppose they did cut it out. Say all war ceased to rage this instant. Will there be Peace in our own communities?

I wonder.

I’ve come to stubbornly reject the notion that someone I’ve genuinely cared for may still walk this Earth – maybe right past me on the street – but, because they Said this Took that Broke something or Slept where-the-fuck ever, they are now Dead To Me.

Fuck That.

I got dead friends already.

Could be I’m naïve. Or just a fantastically wishful thinker. But I figure a community of kindred spirits can get on, at very least, respectfully.

So why is it that wherever I turn I see good people, well…kind of acting mean? Too many fights between folks who love one another. Lots of nasty loose ends left to snap malignantly. If we’re not careful, I feel, our community may be reduced to warring factions of one. Does anyone else see this? Or is it just me?

Guess it’s a real stressful time to try to get by, here on Planet Earth.

Jerry Garcia was once asked for his thoughts on saving the world. ‘Somebody has to do it,’ he said, ‘It’s just incredibly pathetic that it has to be us.’ I’ll take that a step further, and call it grievously poor planning on someone’s part. Like YEAH – let’s leave it to the Drug Heads & Wastoids!!

Personally I would not entrust the fate of all life on Earth with the likes of me. I for one am astonishingly irresponsible with these things. Kinda proud of that, actually.

But the thing about my kind of people, my friends, is we really do give a damn. We’re smart enough to see that, as is, our world is about to blow. Soon the Big Shit Puddle will drop & go splat & everything will stink.

We know this. We grew up with it. As a kid, when Reagan was president, I used to lay awake at night both astounded and filled with dread that the whole game could be over at the push of a button; easy as getting munched by a ghost in Pac-Man.

The natural reaction to this awareness is a want to do something about it.

What I do, usually, is blame it – along with all my other problems, just for kicks – on the Government.

I’ve been doing that — and doing it well — for years. But shit just keeps getting more fucked up and really, really sad.

If your in the mood for a little more bad news from Planet Earth check out my friend Galloway’s most recent dispatch from Cyprus. Even if you’re not in the mood for bad news — who is? — this is a must read.

Having read that, I ask: What can we Do about it?

Somebody has to Save The World. And even if it doesn’t need to be Us, whoever else is working on it damn well needs our Help.

We’re in Trouble.

So. What can we do? I wonder: is it reasonable for us to expect warring factions the world over to cease hostilities while we, friends who love one another, fight amongst ourselves?

I propose a simple — if at times astronomically difficult — strategy.

Make Peace with each other.


2 Responses to “a Worthy Challenge”

  1. 1 durwood July 31, 2006 at 6:45 pm



    the man is telling the ruth. file THIS ONE under Try This at Home, not the top one hehehehehehehe…..

  2. 2 beaches September 10, 2007 at 9:03 pm

    no clothes beaches the attendant and congratulatory speech making my mouth. He almost wishful leer. But.

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