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Freaking Mindblower friends

I’m pretty fuckin Old.

Not (as my old friend Pippi puts it) like, Mr. Burns Old. But I’ve been around.

Made a lot of friends, in my day.

So many friends that, like an eskimo with 200+ words to describe snow, I’ve found need to catorgorize these many friends that I’ve made.

For example:

There’s the ones who come charging at you in a cheering pack across the parking lot of some arena in Chicago, New York, Detroit or wherever. They’re like ‘Is that him? It IS!! HE’S THE DUDE!!’

Tend to make me a bit nervous, friends like these.

But then the three of them nearly tackle me, because they’re jumping up & down while they group-hug me, so excited they can barely blurt out about how they’ve been looking for me ever since Phish in Chattanooga, a year & a half before, and they were so psyched to see me because they never got a chance to say:

Thank You.

I call them the Never Forget The Face Of The Dude Who Sold You Your First Hit Of Molly friends.

Always a pleasure to see ’em.

In contrast, there’s the loud drunk-type dude in my Hometown who accosts me at the Bar, on a night when I’d prefer to not be there at all — I want to be alone — but I have no choice because I have this Problem, in that hometown, of being chronically without a Home.

So dudes all drunk & like ‘No, like Mike E man — I KNOW YOU!! I mean we hung out that One Time!!’

That there is the If I Was A Big Drunk Idiot Like You I’d Punch You In The Head, pal!

I’m pretty fuckin old, like I said, and I’ve made a lot of friends in my day. Too many, I think sometimes. So somewhere in there I more or less stopped making them. I had plenty.

Which is why, a few days ago, I was kind of tripping about how I’d made these 2 new friends since I started writing this blog.

It had been awhile.

Turns out I’ve only made one new friend, Galloway. Came across him next-blogging, when I first moved from Blogspot to WordPress, read this post, and left a comment. He stopped by my digs, added me to his Blogroll — and I’ve kind of felt like we’ve been Neighbors ever since.

Galloway is the type of friend I call the Cool Blogger Across The Street.

And then there is Pippi. Not sure what to call this type of friend — I just know the Facts, which I’ll relay the way they unfolded.

Me to Pippi 6.26.06:
Nice to have you around, pippi. Don’t see a lot of Your Kind at my gig…drunk drivers, degenerate gamblers & people trying to pluck a Dexadrine from the picture — yep. We got them.

But you’re the first knitter. stop by anytime…

Pippi to me 6.27.06:
anyhoo, nice to meet you.
your blog is very.
and just now, paging thru your archive i discovered you are a fellow vermonster. (well, i wasn’t born here, but live here now.)


Cool! Made a new friend, right?

3 weeks (and a bunch of entertaining emails) later…

Pippi to me 7.13.06
yes, i was totally there when those shows got canceled.
that was crazy, we rolled into town from sany-shwego and poof.
you found out right after a thumbprint? EOUCH!
I’m bettinng money we know some of the same people…

Me to Pippi:
Ever hear of a van named the Blue Mamma?

Pippi to me:
ohh, nope.
it rings a small bell.
but nothing significant.
i have (or maybe by now, had) some olllld friends that live in brattleboro/marlbroro; that i haven’t seen in years. (funny, how on the east coast a 4 hour drive is “long”) the last time i saw the whole lot of them, was at my friend chris’ wedding about 10 years ago. chriest. what a bad friend i am. i should look those guys up.

Well slap my ass & call me Sally.

It so happens I have a buddy Chris who had a wedding 10 years ago. Indeed, I wrote a recent post about this one night me & him went Out On the Town.

Me to Pippi:
Guess what: Your old friend Chris changed his name to MG Tank. He steals Caddilacs now.

From Pippi’s Blog, later that day:
ps. BIG thanks to mike e for BLOWING my freaking mind this morning. turns out, we know eachother. from another time’s forgotten space. i had a feeling we might have known some of the same folx, since we were around at the same time….but, i didn’t think we had known eachother… crazy little world. 3 cheers for time spent doing random blog searches.

3 Cheers indeed. To Pippi & all my Freaking Mindblower friends — the ones who make the world Weirder.