Cosmic Affirmation

First off, a BIG HOWDY to all you drunk drivers out there!!

We got some, here on Open Container speedWay. I checked my Stats recently, and noticed an unintended side-benefit to the name I chose for my Blog. For reasons known only to them, a few folks, somewhere, have found need to Google requests like:

Cost for Open Container in Moving Vehicle

I’m not sure what they expected — I’d guess to find out how busted they were, the next morning — or else they were Shopping Around, for jurisdictions that afford optimal leniency to the Open Container enthusiast.

Way to take Responsibility for your choice of recreational activity!! They say Don’t Do the Crime if you can’t do the Time — but how many of us bother to do the research?

Whether looking to avoid some, or in it already, the harbinger of that Google search was Trouble.

Here’s what they found front & center on their Google results page:

the Open Container speedWay – 3 visits – Jun 28
By my good estimate, a six-packed downed in a moving vehicle is as good, MPG-wise, as…gas in the tank … – 35k – Cached Similar pages

On occasion, life will provide verifiable proof that what you do is Right. Like when my hometown newspaper unexpectedly printed my eulogy for Hunter S. Thompson. With a serendipitous twist: it ran on my birthday.

We’ve all had these Cosmic Affirmations. But this is my first churned out of a Google search engine result.

1 Response to “Cosmic Affirmation”

  1. 1 pippi July 10, 2006 at 3:16 pm

    don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time.
    or as someone i once knew liked to say, don’t play if you can’t pay.

    i love funny google hits.
    i’m always getting some oddly pronagraphic ones.
    today i got this ?q=close+up+fannies&hl=en&lr=& start=10&sa=N

    funny, cuz, well, fannies are something very diffrent across the pond.

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