self-reflective Flash

Humor & Anger — can’t deny the connection. I’ve recently found occasion to blur the lines between. Gratutious vulgarity, beating up old ladies etc. I suspect that, when I look back over my last few weeks of posts, down the road, I’ll recognize this as an angry time for me.

But I learned a few things. That anger has always been there, for reasons inescapably beyond my control. I don’t care to elaborate, this morning. I want to check myself & ask: why?

Laughter is the best way I know to access repressed anger and reverse its tragic course.

I think the old ladies were a good target because of their presumed innocence. It allowed me to caricachure the very absurdity of abusing innocents. Remember, the antics in that post are G-rated when compared with Reality. Way worse things happen, than a few old ladies pummeled for fun by maurading packs of knitters.

Suppose tomorrow’s headline read: ELDERLY WOMAN KICKED IN BAGDHAD CROSSWALK!!!

Yeah — by some bored Knitters, hard up for Kicks, after they pummled the warring factions ’till they Begged for Peace.


1 Response to “self-reflective Flash”

  1. 1 pippi June 29, 2006 at 8:45 pm

    anger is a bitch.
    i have anger issues myownself, hence why i’m mugging older ladies for their yarn.
    but seriously, humor is one good way to process it.

    make sure you *feel* your anger, (but don’t dwell in it) & not deny it. once you feel it you can let it go. and i don’t mean by slapping me by trying to inject some buddhist jive up in here. lol.

    anger is just another facet, yk?

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