HA-Ha! You’re grandma-got-her Butt Kicked!

Heads Up!
To all you Hustlers, Pimps & Degenerate Drunks who hang around this crappy joint:

I have a New Subscriber. Her name is Pippi.

Pippi is a Knitter.

I heard Knitters knock over old ladies in crosswalks for fun. Then kick them while they’re down and scream, ‘That’s what you get DOUCHE-eater!!

Like, that is so COOL!

Pry a second of your time loose, will ya, to drop in on her knitting blog and type a quick thank 🙂 you! message. Something like ‘Whoa — Knitters be bad-n shit. Sweet. Yo I hate Old Ladies too!’

Remember: every time Pippi pummels one, we get to scratch

Knock Down Old Lady

…off our own List of Things To Do.


1 Response to “<i>HA-</i>Ha! You’re grandma-got-her Butt Kicked!”

  1. 1 pippi June 28, 2006 at 8:16 am


    i’m a bitch with sticks.
    dangerous in most dark streetcorners.

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