Cut the SHIT you stupid Fucks!

A small number of like, mega-psychopathic SUPERassholes need to cut it the fuck out. And let Planet Earth’s huge majority of peaceful inhabitants get on with our lives in peace.

Shit is tricky enough as it is.

Hey, Zarqawi: Smooth move blowing up that mosque, butt-plug!

Who DOES that? Someone who wants to see human guts strewn in the street. Why would he want such a thing? To parlay the vicious pandemonium, of Iraq’s civil war, into Power — seized from a vacuum left in the wake of the catastrophic US invasion.

re: the catastrophic US invasion of Iraq: who does THAT? A bunch of mega-paychopathic ass wipes who need cut the fucking shit!!


I would very much love for Iraq to turn suddenly peaceful in Zarqawi’s absence. But, if the first-rate reportage by Ishtar at Iraqi Screen is any indicator — and hers is among the best — I fear it ain’t like that.

to wit:

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Iraqi National Products

I told you before that we have reached a new stage in our sectarian war, the stage of decapitation, there is no doubt that soon we will jump to another advanced stage in which heads and body’s organs [are] displayed in Baghdad’s shops as Iraqi national products.

Will one more death — say, Zarqawi’s — stop the killing in Iraq?

It doesn’t compute mathematically.


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