A little background:
Skateboarding is illegal in my southern Vermont hometown. I have a theory about Why; when kids shred around & visibly have Fun, for hours on end, in parking lots frequented by Shoppers, it reminds the public at large that there’s something to Do besides spend money.

Situated in the center of town, Harmony parking lot is surrounded on 3 sides by 4-story apartment buildings. The bottom floors of these are populated by coffee & pizza shops, bookstores & boutiques. If you want to get hassled by cops, for loitering in some dumb parking lot because you’re a Kid in a town where’s there is shit better to do, Harmony is a perfect hang-out spot.

Recently, someone smart proposed we build an outdoor skate park at Memorial Park; a year-round, multi-use recreation area a mile or so from downtown. Besides being home to the town’s public pool, a playground and winter-time sled-hill & ski jump, Memorial Park hosts the adult softball league.

A condo complex abuts Memorial Park. A bunch of Hoser wank-offs, who unamously oppose the skate-park, live there.

“This is going to be a nighttime, daytime throughway,’ complained spokesperson Ed Luciano, in this local newspaper article, ‘With the wrong kind of kids comimg through. It’s going to be like Harmony parking lot.’

But Brent Johnston, a member of the Green Mountain Skateboard Coalition, said that’s generalizing.

“That’s like saying people who play softball drink Bud Light in their cars,” he said.

Fuckin A Right if they do!



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