out of my WAY, man!

5.20.06 Saturday Afternoon; a few hours before the Preakness

Last year’s wild, Preakness Stakes homestretch dual, between Scrappy T & Afleet Alex, was like Bart Simpson, pitted against Harry Potter; Ozzie vs. Paul Simon; wastoid vs. prom king.

I hugely admire Afleet Alex — bet him to Win the ’05 Preakness, in fact — but Scrappy T is my long-shot gangsta homeboy. I bet him to place & show — and he came through in fine style, like always.

My favorite racehorse got a lot of bad press for the heal-clip incident, pictured above, in which the lives of Afleet Alex & his jockey were narrowly — some say miraculously — spared. I for one was proud of the ol’ Scrapster!

Scrappy T, by my estimate, played pro hockey in a past life. So when a rival horse challenged, and tried to win, Scrappy T did what came natural: he hip-checked ’em.

Turns out, I was mistaken. Scrappy T isn’t a reincarnated hockey player. How do I know?

I asked him. And he kindly filled me in on what really happened.

Scrappy T lost his sunglasses, on the Far Turn. Plus, he had a gargantuan tequila hang-over, that day — and the bright sun momentarily shocked him.

‘For a good half-furlong or so,’ he chuckled, ‘I couldn’t see a fucking thing.’

My Hero! May his odds stay long & thus his payoffs sweet.


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